Monday, January 26, 2009

Rachel tells us a Dora story

Rachel is obsessed with Dora the Explorer. In this video she is telling you about a recent episode she watched.

Christmas in photos

Monday, December 22, 2008

A foot of Snow

In the winter it usually rains a lot in Seattle. Well the last week it has been extremely cold here, so instead of rain we have had lots of snow. We have close to a foot on the ground. They don't use salt here just sand and they don't have a lot of plow trucks. With all the big hills it is almost impossible to get around. On Sunday we were just stuck inside so we decided to play in the snow. We went sledding at a park a few blocks away with our friends the Morgans.

Our Christmas Tree

We have a family tradition of cutting down our Christmas tree. This is the second year we went to a Christmas tree farm. It is so fun walking through the trees looking for the perfect one. We will find one and then think we should keep looking, but then can't find the one we found first. IT was a blast with Rachel. It was like 60 degrees (this was several weeks ago) and drizzling.

Santa visit

Rachel is in love with Santa. She has already seen him twice and anytime we go to the mall she says " Watch Santa". This is because I told her she can't sit with him again, because she already had a turn. She talks about him all the time and gets all the Santa ornaments off the tree.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Fall Walk

Saturday we really wanted to go somewhere exciting to hike. It was sunny, but we thought the mountains would be cold. We also had a church party that night so we needed to be home in time to go. I was getting bummed about not going anywhere. Eric said lets just go to a park and take a walk. So, we went to Green Lake Park. It has a nice bike and walking path around a little lake. It turned out to be so fun. Rachel would run as she saw joggers and of course got so excited everytime she saw a dog. She also really enjoyed the leaves!

My Birthday!

Eric works in the evening so Trish, Onica, and Ilya came over to have dinner and hang out. It was so fun, Trish showed me how to roast a chicken. (which we laughed at the thought of her teaching me how to prepare meat!!) We painted our nails. This picture is Onica and Ilya reading Rachel her bedtime stories. They are so good with Rachel.

The Saturday before my birthday Eric woke me up with breakfast. It was so special. Rachel got me a few gifts (measuring cups and spoons, new bread pans, and a book). I got to go to Ikea later in the week and bought a huge storage unit for all my scrapbook stuff. Then Eric and I went to the Capital Forest. Rachel got to hang out with Will, Onica, and Ilya. We hiked in the rain. It was really fun!! And afterward we went to the Melting Pot, of course, for dinner.